The Annual Venus Morris Griffin Scholarship Fund

It started with hardship. After overcoming a life of trials and tribulations, Venus Morris Griffin established a scholarship fund to help children much like her own. A $10,000 annual scholarship fund was created to help deserving high school students with an incarcerated parent to ensure that nothing stops them from reaching their full potential. Since the inception of the scholarship fund, the goal grew to help more deserving individuals in need, and so the Venus Morris Griffin Foundation was born.

“I see every day through the eyes of my children how hard and stigmatizing it can be to have a parent who is incarcerated. I also know how empowering it feels to be educated. I am combining both of these feelings to help give these kids a shot at a better life. A life that does not have to be defined by the poor choices of their parents.

The Annual $10,000 scholarship is awarded to a student who currently has an incarcerated parent. It is not academic-based, because I know how hard it is to maintain good grades when your home life isn’t stable.”

– Venus Morris Griffin

The Vision of the Foundation

The goal of the Venus Morris Griffin Foundation is to expand the reach of the scholarship fund to be able to support more deserving students futures. As well as to have an impact outside of school scholarships alone and affect change in other areas of the lives of those in need.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

To qualify for a Scholarship:

Recipients of this scholarship are chosen by Venus and her children. Scholarships are a valuable investment in our collective future and help develop promising future leaders. This scholarship is funded entirely by proceeds from Venus’ speaking engagements, and by donations from generous supporters and donors.

You MUST be a High School Senior in the United States

You MUST have a biological parent that is currently incarcerated
Students that are adopted and in foster care that meet all terms and conditions are encouraged to apply
You MUST prove acceptance into either an institution of higher learning or a trades program, by March 2023 – Payment shall be made directly to the institution
You MUST show proof of acceptance to attend college in the next one year and also provide an invoice issued by the institution
Only one (1) entry letter allowed per person/household explaining how having an incarcerated parent has impacted your life
All scholarship money MUST be used on tuition ONLY and within the first or second year of high school graduation
Winners will be notified by email, posted on and announced in March 2023
For questions regarding the scholarship, please contact
Important Dates:

Application deadline: February 15, 2023

Scholarship announcement: May 2023

To apply for the scholarship, please fill out the form below.